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  • yamel

    November 19, 2020 at 8:46 am

    Interesting spot as usual….I think a call is fine, we are calling 1BB to win a 7.5BB pot and lots of turns improve us. I think V’s have mostly 1 pair hands, draws, or overs themselves given the raise size.

    I actually think a raise may be a little better since we can clean up some unpaired hands (e.g. Ax) that can easily fold now and we take the lead to bet/bluff favorable turn cards when called and really put pressure on 1 pair hands.

    Curious to see the math on what we can call without the bdfd, but I would not call this without the BDFD against two players.

    Doing some quick math to check my thought process against a range like:


    With the bdfd we get about 19.4% equity against two opponents, and without the bdfd we drop to 15.3% (equity is much worse than I thought facing two opponents).

    Our pot equity is 19% (2bb/ (4.5+2+2+2)) at 2BB and 13% at 1BB…so with my range example we can call bets smaller than 2BB with the bdfd, but can only call the 1BB without it.