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  • binkley

    December 4, 2020 at 11:32 am


    An aggressive opponent will be opening wide from the button. JTo is a standard call, even against a larger 3x raise size.

    Flop: Js 2c 5d Pot 6.86bb

    Hero now has top pair with a mediocre kicker. A check call line is reasonable and most common. There are not many draws on the board. Strong hands like 22 and 55 could easily take a check call line. Hero decides to go for the check raise.

    Strong top pairs can be used in a check raising range. I prefer to use our stronger top pairs such as KJ and QJ (and AJ if we chose not to 3bet). Having a K and Q blockers reduces the number of overpairs (KK, QQ), and floats (KQ) that button will continue with. By including JT in that range, we risk check raising too frequently, especially on a board without many draws.

    Turn: [Js 2c 5d] 6s Pot 26.63bb

    This turn card is a great card to continue to barrel. If we check raised with 34 as a bluff, we just got there. We can continue our story.

    As played, Hero checks and button bets 1/2 pot. Hero calls.

    River: [Js 2c 5d 6s] A

    This is a bad river card. Hero now has a very weak bluff catcher. I think is a check and evaluate spot. By taking the flop check raise spot, the pot has grown. Hero may be able to call a small bet but I think a big bet is a fold.