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  • steve-fredlund

    December 27, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    This is amazing! Congrats on winning the drawing and having the options in front of you.

    The first decision you have to make is on keeping it or not; sounds like you have already decided but just to revisit that for a second. There are two schools of thinking 1) take your shot (when else will you be able to do this)! and 2) sell it. I see both as legitimate perspectives, but my only advice would be to consider a couple of things: a) How much regret would you have if you played it and lost? b) How much regret would you have if you didn’t play it? I have done a lot of personal coaching and often life comes down to regret and there is no right answer; it depends on your situation and personality. I would likely go toward selling it because I don’t think I would be competitive enough to have a legitimate shot at a deep run; so I don’t think ‘giving it a shot’ is a high EV play. However, I am generally in the minority with that perspective as most poker players are risk-seeking and love the idea of going big or going home.

    Deciding to play is certainly exciting. As far as what to study, I definitely would defer to people like @FiveByFive and other wizards who may chime in here. The biggest thing for me in playing larger tournaments (specifically live) is the patience you can have; there won’t be that same urgency early in tournaments. You should have a lot of time to patiently play the game you want. But with that, it’s important to know how your opponents will be playing… as Chris said, where they will be applying pressure, what flops they will be continuing on, etc.

    I’m can feel the excitement in your words, so whatever you do and however it goes, try to savor the moments!