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  • taylormaas

    December 28, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    Awesome! So cool to win these giveaways and have the shot to play higher stakes than we usually play.

    Usually the way I approach these, is just give it your all. You have a risk-free opportunity to play some high-level poker. A couple things to point out as it relates to these tourneys: First, cashing is insanely important. If you make a semi-deep run, put all you focus on cashing. It makes sense in a higher buy-in than you are used to, but also makes sense in large field tourneys. What most people don’t realize in these vary large field MTTs, is cashing is way more important than usual. So go for the cash. Second, players will be playing more aggressive than usual. It doesn’t mean you have to fight back every time, but you need to fight back some times. And last, players will still be weak in these tourneys, try and identify where you think players are making mistakes and try to play hands with them.

    For studying — if you plan on spending extra time on things, focus on what you will be doing the most. Get those opening ranges set and ready to go for deep stack poker, and be ready for longer play than you are used to. Take some time every break and say, “I have plenty of time left, no need to rush”.

    Good luck. Have fun!