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  • yamel

    December 29, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    Very interesting hand and spot…thanks for sharing! And love the PPT layout…def my form of communication.

    Pre-flop: I like the call since it motivates short stack to jam and UTG could fold and we take an easy heads up flip with the short stack

    Flop: I like the call on a somewhat disconnected board, keeps UTG wide and can draw in the SB

    Turn: Fading a diamond is great since that could be in SB range…once UTG checks I agree there are fewer made hands in that range. I would default to a big bet here, but don’t want to bet over a third of my stack and have to call off. I think I prefer a jam on the turn to maximize fold equity and end the hand quickly. Also fade a straight or flush completing river where V can bluff at me or make a hand.

    River: As played I think hands we beat may bet smaller for value, so this has to be a straight or bluff…given ICM I think I fold and have trouble sleeping that night.