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  • raisy_daisy

    January 3, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    Steve thanks so much for your comments : regarding your comment , I used to keep firing 1/3 pot sized bets when I connected with a big pair on the flop , however, I would get a lot of folds from opponents and lose value . So I started checking and calling to build the pot . I mix this up so I’m not doing the same always but my bet size remains comparable . It just seems that if I lead out from early position the table knows I likely have an Ace . I agree if I check raise the party is over , but, if I get several callers I’m going to make a pot sized raise and hopefully take it down .

    Other training sites say bet small and frequently with marginal made hands and bet larger and often with strong hands and draws (J little site)

    I’d be interested in other member thoughts on this play .

    Raisy Daisy