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  • arw

    January 4, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    Pot Size ~ 19 bb

    SB has ~9 bb

    UTG has ~52 bb

    Hero has ~33 bb

    You should bet. The question is how much.

    1) Long Shot….If you bet 49% of the SB stack or about 5 bb into 19 bb, then this gives both players good pot odds to chase and outdraw you. The benefit is when the SB shoves, the UTG calls, and you still have the option to re-raise and continue to build the pot with a strong hand.

    2) Standard…You could bet 9 bb into 19 bb or about 1/2 the pot. This would price out most draws, put the SB all-in, and give the UTG an option to possibly check-raise your remaining ~20 bb. I’m calling if this happens.

    3) Raise Big…You could bet ~15 bb and go for big value. You might get called by a bluff catcher (TT, 99, AK) but I might be stretching.