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  • taylormaas

    January 10, 2021 at 6:55 pm

    A lot of other questions you need to answer here as well if you are looking for the true correct answer of how YOU should bankroll manage. Things like, what am I trying to accomplish with this investment, how comfortable am I with upswings/downswings, am I done if this goes poorly.

    All things considered, its most important to understand what poker is for you. For those that want to make a living off of the game, their bankroll management is going to be very different than my bankroll management who plays for a hobby.

    You sound more in line with my view point of how to bankroll manage so I will speak to my viewpoints and hopefully that resonates with you. When I started playing poker, I asked myself, how much am I willing to contribute to this hobby. I decided to set aside $100 every paycheck to play. That’s what I was comfortable with, if I made money, that allowed me to play more if I wanted or to pull back contributions into other hobbies. Really, I didn’t care if I went ‘bust’. It’s not a perfect approach, but for me personally, it worked. It became an test to not bust once I was able to play off of winnings.

    It does get a little fuzzy in terms of what stakes to play with a bankroll management style I described, there’s no guidelines to follow so it can be easy to play way outside your means and have things go crazy. I would suggest that if you don’t know what level you should be playing at, start low. And potentially lower than you think you need to. Then let success at lower stakes drive you into higher skilled games. There’s so little risk of ruin when you play lower stakes so that should be your starting point.