Online Home Games

Free Home Games on PokerStars

We run several rounds of play-money tournaments throughout the year, sometimes every night! Come win a REC.POKER pin and an invitation to return for a winners-only Tournament of Champions! It’s one of the perks for members of our free community.

We have four different Home Game series available. Everyone is welcome to play in all of them. Click on the series below for more information and all of the historical results:

  • NLHE Series – A No-Limit Hold’em series played the first Wednesday of each month. Results apply to a NLHE Player of the Year (POY) points race.
  • Mixed Series – A Mixed game series played the second Wednesday of each month. Results apply to a Mixed Game Player of the Year (POY) points race.
  • Nightly Series – A No-Limit Hold’em game run every night with a monthly Tournament of Champions for nightly winners for that month.
  • International Series – No-Limit Hold’em games run on every Friday at 5:00 AM and Noon Central Time for convenient times for players from other time zones. Everyone is welcome to play!

How to Join

  1. Download the free software from PokerStars
  2. Click on the Home Games tab from the main lobby
  3. Click Join a Poker Club
  4. Enter Club ID: 3189002
  5. Enter invitation Code: JoinRecPoker

Note that anyone (for now) can join and play the home game, but you must be part of the community with your PokerStars User Name and your own first and last name in your profile in order to get an invitation to the Tournament of Champions. We need it in our system to co-ordinate your invitations and prizes – you don’t have to set it for public view, just make sure it’s entered in your profile so the site admins can verify your identity.

Plan Ahead

  • Home games are only available on a desktop (not available on mobile)
  • Membership requests are manually approved (usually within 24 hours)
  • You will need 20,000 play chips to play a home game and can receive 15,000 every 4 hours just for logging in

The Pins!

The REC.POKER pins are a coveted prize amongst our online home game players. You got one yet?

Not only do you get bragging rights and a shout out on the RecPoker Podcast for winning a home game, you get a coveted REC.POKER Pin! Read all about these pins HERE.

Upcoming Games

Check here for all the upcoming home game events.

Online Play & Hang (OPaH): Live Voice (and Video) Chat on Discord

Once you have joined, poke around and engage in the conversation. If you are playing in a home game, JOIN the voice channel to chat (and even do video) with others in the game.