Nightly Series

Starting March 17, 2020, RecPoker began been holding a free nightly tournament at 8:00pm CST on PokerStars to help provide entertainment during social isolation caused by the the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence the “SOCIAL DISTANCING SERIES” was born.

After a few months it became evident that there was demand to continue playing even if social distancing restrictions were lifted, so the series was re-branded to the RecPoker Nightly Series.

While the 1st Monday (NLHE) and 2nd Wednesday (Mixed games) continue to count for their Player of the Year points, all of the other tournaments are stand alone tournaments.  You may be asking yourself, “If there is no buy-in and no monetary payout, why would I ever play this?”

Here’s why:
1) Tons of fun with great people –> community and relationships
2) Winner gets the (sort-of) coveted REC.POKER BRONZE PIN –> a mini-trophy of sorts (Limit to one Nightly Series Bronze Pin per person per year)
3) Winner gets a shout out on the RecPoker podcast
4) Each month winners will be invited to a special Nightly Series Tournament of Champions with chance to win the exclusive REC.POKER SILVER PIN when all of the dust settles (Limit to one Nightly Series Silver Pin per person per year)

Nightly Series Winners

Click here for information about how to sign up for the Tournament of Champions to be held on August 10, 2020.

Below are the winners broken down by month:

July 2020 Winners

DateTournament IDPlayersWinnerName
7/2/2020294990963645WitchystuffLeda Leggieri
7/3/2020295146200846elvis76Steve Kreps
7/4/2020295226143333Oreomilk4444Owen Drabek
7/5/2020295303631453Magra44Doug Drabek
7/6/2020295381162554John_LancerJohn Venzke
7/7/2020295457530756Will HoganLoren Gullekson
7/9/2020294991431958CaptainWalleyeRob Adsem
7/10/2020295684754842Will HoganLoren Gullekson
7/11/2020295762372633flyingbricksSarah Hansen
7/12/2020295838975152eric_m0linaRob Brereton
7/13/2020295915726352RDiesel11Rob Diesel
7/14/2020295988778858orangeroad81Josh Schwartz
7/15/2020296063669459Frogman-RickRick Day
7/16/2020296137461556Wolfman109Adam Wolfe
7/17/2020296210679356combinkleyEric Gin
7/18/2020296285476751milehimagicmanDavid Phillips
7/19/2020296359546352Gloves1010Collin Anderson
7/20/2020296433676672SpotConlonDaniel Kennedy
7/21/2020296504790664money mortisFrank Piskolich
7/22/2020296576647364graphex16Roger Schutte
7/23/2020296643560945GopherBoyTJMTaylor Maas
7/24/2020296715274548bloop7Mark Bloomberg
7/25/2020296789717350Gloves1010Collin Anderson
7/26/2020296864240761GopherBoyTJMTaylor Maas
7/27/2020296940188354milojunkMyles Hudson
7/28/2020297012664160BLUFFSTORINIJim Reid
7/29/2020297084214252flyingbricksSarah Hansen
7/31/2020297224085341RickTheGoodDogRick “Rock” Ohman

June 2020 Winners

DateTournament IDPlayersWinnerName
6/1/2020292274019450WitchystuffLeda Leggieri
6/2/2020292384031049Magra44Doug Drabek
6/4/2020292274218844ih82loseWilliam Alexander
6/5/2020292666369642BLUFFSTORINIJim Reid
6/6/2020292765698240hawesy8Michael Hawes
6/7/2020292864354149Magra44Doug Drabek
6/8/2020292962218643John_LancerJohn Venzke
6/9/2020293050835650CA$H_1016Kevin Lieder
6/11/2020292274341944Frogman-RickRick Day
6/12/2020293316974341zgrt1110Raoul Biteng
6/13/2020293410811137EANDERSON85Eric Anderson
6/14/2020293503129643eric_m0linaRob Brereton
6/15/2020293596221947KekgeekJacob K.
6/16/2020293683177251eric_m0linaRob Brereton
6/17/2020293771597045ih82loseWilliam Alexander
6/18/2020293857126848RickTheGoodDogRick “Rock” Ohman
6/19/2020293942068840McVeanChad McVean
6/20/2020294031349734RecPokerSteveSteve Fredlund
6/21/2020294117552640Oreomilk4444Owen Drabek
6/22/2020294203979051MarblesJamJefferson Kupferburg
6/23/2020294284964746Magra44Doug Drabek
6/24/2020294366622037WitchystuffLeda Leggieri
6/25/2020294446317538Magra44Doug Drabek
6/26/2020294526202337mbabkerMichael Babker
6/27/2020294612423641anciano1941Mark Foster
6/28/2020294697696142JBTwinCitiesJoanne Byrd
6/29/2020294783590348anciano1941Mark Foster
6/30/2020294912158457Karl0621Karl Anderson

On July 13, 2020 Frogman-Rick (Rick Day) won the June 2020 Nightly Series Tournament of Champions, earning a RecPoker Silver Pin after defeating a field of 19 players.

May 2020 Winners

DateTournament IDPlayersWinnerName
5/1/2020288878398041eric_m0linaRob Brereton
5/2/2020288902775437JBTwinCitiesJoanne Byrd
5/3/2020289043377839schneidz33Danny Schneider
5/4/2020289172012344CaptainWalleyeRob Adsem
5/5/2020289292983641rabman50Rob Washam
5/7/2020289654244534reddevilmnGaurav Arora
5/8/2020289660757640PokerGeekMNJohn Somsky
5/9/2020289791849037graphex16Roger Schutte
5/10/2020289922183043ObnerJack Burke
5/11/2020290049551938Magra44Doug Drabek
5/12/2020290162819444PokerGeekMNJohn Somsky
5/14/2020289973723942Shamu*27140Roger Lamp
5/15/2020290506915042roadstar33Randy Smith
5/16/2020290626232238graphex16Roger Schutte
5/18/2020290862887943SpotConlonDaniel Kennedy
5/19/2020290967794747IllychippiesJill Burke
5/20/2020291071049741JasperJrPatrick Barry
5/21/2020291173080151mbabkerMichael Babker
5/22/2020291275923145Oreomilk4444Owen Drabek
5/23/2020291384806036eric_m0linaRob Brereton
5/24/2020291494479039schneidz33Danny Schneider
5/25/2020291602778644reddevilmnGaurav Arora
5/27/2020291795995945IllychippiesJill Burke
5/28/2020291890275745PowerCookiesDan Bloom
5/29/2020291986239545hawesy8Michael Hawes
5/30/2020292087553536CaptainWalleyeRob Adsem
5/31/2020292188160249KekgeekJacob K.

On June 8, 2020 reddevilmn (Gaurav Arora) won the May 2020 Nightly Series Tournament of Champions, earning a RecPoker Silver Pin after defeating a field of 18 players.

April 2020 Winners

DateTournament IDPlayersWinnerName
4/3/2020285049244052PowerCookiesDan Bloom
4/4/2020285191698346PowerCookiesDan Bloom
4/5/2020285327720355graphex16Roger Schutte
4/6/2020285444792054Shoresy00Ben Geurs
4/7/2020285568953651JBoom0202Josh Boom
4/9/2020285646110353milojunkMyles Hudson
4/10/2020285953517053reddevilmnGaurav Arora
4/11/2020286095416653CA$H_1016Kevin Lieder
4/12/2020286238311554graphex16Roger Schutte
4/13/2020286376758654Frogman-RickRick Day
4/14/2020286507920553WitchystuffLeda Leggieri
4/15/2020286762635623BLUFFSTORINIJim Reid
4/16/2020286811605050KiToMan335Kian Tavakoli
4/17/2020286890866346KiToMan335Kian Tavakoli
4/18/2020287030841946MonkieSystemKeith Brandt
4/19/2020287176523848tland19Tory Greeninger
4/20/2020287302078749BLUFFSTORINIJim Reid
4/22/2020287660185421PokerGeekMNJohn Somsky
4/23/2020287659068446McVeanChad McVean
4/24/2020287778165445RecPokerSteveSteve Fredlund
4/25/2020287906390639djvoyeurMark Wittig
4/26/2020288038545544EANDERSON85Eric Anderson
4/27/2020288157114552schneidz33Danny Schneider
4/28/2020288271512545Magra44Doug Drabek
4/29/2020288400763549Gloves1010Collin Anderson
4/30/2020288577771544hawesy8Michael Hawes

On May 11, 2020 graphex16 (Roger Schutte) won the first nightly series Tournament of Champions over 28 players, which included March and April Nightly series winners as well as the 2019 Monthly NLHE Series winners, earning the very first ever RecPoker Silver Pin!!!

March 2020 Winners

DateTournament IDPlayersWinnerName
3/17/2020283021512454BadlandsTim Carroll
3/18/2020283086382154idkwdyaDavid Baer
3/19/2020283188251950Hurricane1kJames Portugal
3/20/2020Canceled  #N/A
3/21/2020283391794249Shoresy00Ben Geurs
3/22/2020283510227047Hurricane1kJames Portugal
3/23/2020283621052551idkwdyaDavid Baer
3/24/2020283738946753WebsiteMarkMark Praschan
3/26/2020283985898260Twoby4manAl Anderson
3/28/2020284247989052nowthenkbDoug Behrens
3/29/2020284390246647roadstar33Randy Smith
3/30/2020284516336258reddevilmnGaurav Arora
3/31/2020284645700554Twoby4manAl Anderson

There wasn’t a Tournament of Champions for March 2020, it was combined with April 2020.

Tournament of Champions Qualifiers

July Nightly Series TOC

If you won a Nightly Series tournament in July, you are eligible to play in the July 2020 Nightly Series Tournament of Champions on August 10 at 8:00 PM Central time.  The winner will receive the elusive “silver” Rec.Poker pin.

To sign up do the following:

  •  Send an email to with your PokerStars user name, your real name and where you would like your bronze pin sent.

Be sure to sign up for the club by August 9 to make sure your membership is approved.

  • Open the PokerStars main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab.
  • Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.
  • Enter my Club ID number: 3192762
  • Enter my Invitation Code: RecPoker Champ
  • Wait to be approved.
  • Sign up for the tournament on August 10

The following is the list of eligible players: (* indicates you have not signed up for the club as of August 1):

money mortis*
Will Hogan*