NLHE Championship Series

The RecPoker NLHE Championship Series is a yearly series of No-limit Hold’em tournaments played on the first Wednesday of each month.

  • The winner of each Monthly NLHE tournament earns a REC.POKER BRONZE PIN (Limit to one NLHE Series Bronze Pin per person per year)
  • Each player will earn points toward the NLHE Player of the Year title according to the following formula:
    10 x SquareRoot(#Players) / SquareRoot(Place)
    For example the Fourth place finisher of an 81 person field would get:
    10 x SquarRoot(81) / SquareRoot(4) = 10 x 9 / 2 = 45 points
  • The winner of the Player of the Year points race will earn a REC.POKER SILVER PIN
  • All winners and the top point earners will be eligible for a 24 player Tournament of Champions. The winner of the TOC will also earn a REC.POKER SILVER PIN! This will be played on the third Wednesday of December.

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2022 NLHE Championship Series Schedule

  • January 5 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • February 2 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • March 2 – No Limit Hold’em 6 Handed
  • April 6 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • May 4 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • June 1 – Pot Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • July 6 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • August 3 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • September 7 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed Turbo
  • October 5 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • November 3 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed
  • December 7 – No Limit Hold’em 9 Handed Deepstack

NLHE Championship Series Winners

Below are the winners separated by year:

2022 NLHE Championship Series Winners

2021 NLHE Championship Series Winners

2020 NLHE Championship Series Winners

2019 NLHE Championship Series Winners

2021 NLHE Championship Series Tournament of Champions Qualifiers

If you won a NLHE Championship Series tournament in 2021, you are eligible to play in the 2021 NLHE Series Tournament of Champions on Wednesday, December 15 at 8:00 PM Central time.  Additionally we will take the top Player of the Year points leaders to fill out the tournament to 18 players. The winner will receive the elusive “silver” Rec.Poker pin.

NOTE: This is a DIFFERENT club than the Daily Series TOC.

To sign up do the following:

Be sure to sign up for the club and tournament by December 13 to reserve your spot. We will move on to alternates if you do not sign up!

If you are an alternate, sign up for the club, but you will be suspended until it is determined there is an available spot.

  • Open the PokerStars main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab.
  • Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.
  • Enter my Club ID number: 3448529
  • Enter my Invitation Code: RecPokerSNG
  • Wait to be approved.
  • Sign up for the tournament

The following is the list of eligible players: (* indicates the players that have not signed up for the club as of December 2):