NLHE Series

The RecPoker NLHE Series is a yearly series of No-limit Hold’em tournaments played on the first Wednesday of each month.

  • The winner of each Monthly NLHE tournament earns a REC.POKER BRONZE PIN (Limit to one NLHE Series Bronze Pin per person per year)
  • Each player will earn points toward the NLHE Player of the Year title according to the following formula:
    10 x SquareRoot(#Players) / SquareRoot(Place)
    For example the Fourth place finisher of an 81 person field would get:
    10 x SquarRoot(81) / SquareRoot(4) = 10 x 9 / 2 = 45 points
  • The winner of the Player of the Year points race will earn a REC.POKER SILVER PIN
  • All winners and the top point earners will be eligible for an 18 player Tournament of Champions. The winner of the TOC will also earn a REC.POKER SILVER PIN

NLHE Series Winners

Below are the winners separated by year:

2020 NLHE Series Winners

2019 NLHE Series Winners