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As you can see – NO FUN ALLOWED on the RecPoker Podcast!
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BLUFFSTORINI: Always looking for good spots to exploit a foe!

Hi! I’m Jim Reid. After listening to the RecPoker Podcast since the early days, I finally joined the RecPoker Community officially as a Premium Member in 2019. Now I’m living the dream as a podcast host and poker coach, and I only wish there were more hours in the day!

Growing up in Toronto I played poker for pennies, and have loved playing with cards and board games ever since! Backgammon, Hearts and Euchre were fun for beer money in high school and when the Moneymaker era boomed, I founded my university’s first poker club and hosted a weekly beginners’ game out there in my Halifax apartment for some time. I hated to turn people away – some weeks our third table was two closet doors slung over my bed!

All my life I’ve been involved in training or tutoring activities, and talking about poker is just about the most fun I know how to have! Since moving back to Ontario, I play mostly online as a recreational player (BLUFFSTORINI), dabbling in microstakes cash here and there but I spend many Sundays of the year with a full schedule of large-field Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) and KO/Bounty tournaments on Pokerstars, and have won or final-tabled several while cheering on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. While I’ll always be a cash player at heart, somewhere along the way from cash to MTTs I picked up PokerTracker and started tracking hands and data, and the rest is history!

Since you mention it, Mr. Rooney, yes those ARE tall cans of Grolsch in my tool belt. It’s Sunday!

I love working with all levels of players, from beginners building the foundation of their strategy, to experienced players looking for an objective observer who can provide new insight into their game. Email me to tell me how you’re looking to improve your play, or you can explore many different options right here at rec.poker!

I’m not a poker coach because the thing I’m best at is playing poker – I’m a poker coach because the thing I’m best at is making other people better poker players.

Jim did an outstanding job listening to my challenges and putting together a personal program tailored for my own style of play. And in my next online tournament, I WON! I can’t say enough about how this small investment helped me advance my game.” – Danny S.

My areas of experience:

  • Large-Field Online MTTs (ABI <$20 with emphasis on KOs)
  • Low Stakes Online Cash Play
  • PokerTracker/HUD Design and Analysis

You can watch some of my free videos on YouTube for more details on how to set up and use PokerTracker and other software to get the most out of your game. Here’s an example of a raw graph from PokerTracker, showing one of many ways you can review your play over time:

What a treat to compete with The Champ!

Let’s learn about this great game together for free!

  • There are so many ways to hang out and learn together! Here at rec.poker, my Group Forum is always open to anyone in the free RecPoker Community so we can talk anytime, but if you’re not a free member (uh, why not again? You could even dm me there!) then you can always just hit me up on Twitter, I have a lot of fun over there. If you prefer videos, like everyone on the RECing Crew I also have a RecPoker YouTube Playlist where I have several earlier videos either going over different HUD styles and uses, PokerStars playing sessions, PokerTracker review sessions, and some behind the scenes work I do to prep for the RecPoker Podcast or the rec.poker membership seminar that Chris Jones produces every month.
Jim leads the RecPoker panel in a discussion about tools and tricks while playing online

As a rec player, I was looking for ways to become a better online poker player. Through 1-on-1 coaching with Jim, I was able to receive the personal attention I needed to learn how to utilize a Heads-Up Display (HUD) while playing online.

My strengths:

  • Distilling complicated and abstract concepts into relatable ideas
  • Developing strategies to exploit particular foes and player types
  • Curating for you the best concepts, content, and resources from the rest of the poker world

Let’s get serious about investing in your improvement:

Send me a larger set of hands in PokerTracker – I’ll apply several of my own filters and queries to the data to look for weak spots or leaks in your game that I’ve learned to find and exploit in other foes – this is great for bigger-picture strategy and gameplan review.

Or send me video of your play or hand histories for me to review – I love going street by street through hands, and hand by hand through tournaments, depending on what you’re trying to work on – this is a great way to examine the flow of the game and how decision-making occurs in real time in different situations on a micro level.

See how Jim uses data from a client to help zero in on some possible leaks in their game

Nothing beats one-on-one coaching sessions – what’s your preferred way to learn together?

  • Open-format Q&A sessions where we go over whatever concepts or goals you are working on at the time
  • Structured goal-based studies with a tailored lesson plan for you with exercises, homework, and measurable success conditions
  • Software walkthroughs – want to get more from PokerTracker, Equilab, or even sites like ACR and PokerStars settings? I’m happy to open my program at the same time and we can compare settings or address whatever’s troubling you in real time
  • Want to drill down deeper in to the rec.poker learning content, or the training content of our learning partners? We can review it together or independently and compare notes, or build some exercises or drills for you based on their concepts
Here’s Jim coaching a live player who is new to online tools like PT4

Prefer working on your own, or by just dipping in and out via email from time to time? Or maybe you’d rather reach out about using my HUDs and filters yourself, or I can even export my own tournament or cash game hand histories for you to drill down into yourself if you like. There’s no right or wrong way to learn if it works for you! Prefer working in a group? Form a Study Group with old or new friends and I’d love to help your group explore the topics of your choosing, or to help develop a lesson plan specifically tailored for you.

Personally, I proudly support local food banks, and a portion of all my poker-related revenue goes directly into the hands and stomachs of people in our communities. Please consider donating to your local food bank today.

Many thanks to many friends – Nobody wins alone.