Keith “MonkieSystem” Brandt

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Like many folks, my parents taught me poker when I was a kid. But I started taking poker seriously in 2015 or so. Before that I studied and played blackjack and blackjack tournaments seriously. I was a sought-after, backed blackjack tournament player and strategy writer.

My interest is in the mathematical, logical dimension of poker. In recent years a lot of software has been developed that we can use for studying that dimension of the game. My interest is focused on learning and teaching those things.

Doyle Brunson once called poker “…a people game played with cards.” Of course he was right about that. Nothing can replace the people instincts it takes to “read a man’s soul” and make a good live read.

However, what can we do with the live reads we make? I believe at the poker table an opponent can be thought of as one of the factors in a math problem we solve. Human behavior expresses in a poker game as frequencies. We can capture our opponents’ frequencies in software, along with card probabilities and game theory equations. Coaching and off-table study with software can enhance our ability unlock the power of the poker instincts we develop through experience in live play. Also, these tools are just about the only way we can improve our poker skills in online games.

I use Range Trainer Pro/Post, GTO+, Poker Tracker 4, Flopzilla, and Equilab as my off-table analysis tools. Oh, and don’t forget the old-fashioned calculator. I use Advanced Poker Training as practice software, and believe it is a great coaching tool.

When I’m not playing or studying poker I am a technical writer, authoring operating guides for proprietary software in a Fortune-500 company. I have delivered a lot of structured and unstructured training in the private sector and in my career in the Air Force before that. I hope to leverage that experience in a poker learning environment, like we have in RecPoker.

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“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Pasteur –

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