Gareth James

Gareth is a SCOOP champion, author, and qualified teacher. Since becoming a coach in 2012, he has helped hundreds of students develop their tournament game by focusing on identifying leaks, devising plans to fix them and then optimizing their study habits and routines.

In 2019, Gareth published his first book, Purposeful Practice for Poker, the modern approach for improving at poker.

In 2021, he won his first SCOOP title, winning event 41-M: $109 NLHE Deep Stacks.

MTT Poker Academy

MTT Poker Academy is my interactive tournament poker coaching program helping you create a clear framework to quickly identify leaks and then learn the most important habits, systems and routines required to improve your tournament poker game.

If you’re a part-time poker player looking to play and train like the pros, then MTT Poker Academy is designed specifically for you.


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