Other Paid Training from RecPoker

Private Coaching

Current RecPoker Coaches

Several members of the RECing Crew offer private coaching. It’s important to find the coach that is the right fit for you based on personality, experience, and how you like to learn the game. Contact us and we can help you find the right coach; many of them even offer a free session to help you make your decision.

How it Works

  1. Go to the Shop and choose the program you want (feel free to reach out with any questions); note that each coach sets their own rates and approach.
  2. RecPoker will notify the coach(es) of payment who will then reach out to you to set up a schedule
  3. As you near completion of your sessions, communicate with RecPoker about next steps

Video Analysis

RecPoker can help you improve your game by evaluating your submitted videos (either playing yourself or others). Your video analyzed by at least three members of the RECing crew, returned to you with full commentary. The returned video will typically be at least twice as long as the submitted video as we will pause throughout the discussion.

Important Note: Nothing is shared publicly without your permission and you own the final product.

How it Works

  1. Go to the Shop and choose the number of minutes of video you will be submitting; the cost is $3 per minute with 45 minute minimum
  2. Complete checkout and payment
  3. Submit the video in Dropbox (or other) and share with steve@rec.poker
  4. RecPoker guarantees three weeks turnaround but will try to deliver sooner
  5. Some editing is permitted to reduce the length, but the best analysis will include understanding the table dynamics and the complete range of hands played and folded. We strongly recommend taking a full chunk of the tournament rather than splicing together pieces. The submitted video should have no audio other than any initial comments you choose to make to provide context or primary concerns. After the initial comments, the analysts will mute the video so they will not be incorporated in the analysis or final video.