Independent Coaching: The RECing Crew

Several members of the RECing Crew offer independent private coaching!

It’s important to find the coach that is right for you based on things like personality, experience, and how you like to learn the game. Many of the RECers offer a shorter free session to help you make your decision, but in the meantime check out their sample videos and customer reviews! While we are confident that everyone on the RECing Crew has something valuable to offer the poker world, each coach sets their own rates and approach. As we work to connect poker lovers around the world with a variety of coaches who can help them improve their game, we know that not everyone offering coaching services will be a perfect match for every client, so we encourage you to look around and make sure you find the right fit before making a commitment.

And as always, you can just reach out and ask us who we think might be a good match for your own particular goals, learning styles, and experience – we’re here to help!

How it works:

Choose the program you want (feel free to reach out with any questions) and process your payment through the shop here
RecPoker will notify the coach(es) of payment who will then reach out to you to set up a schedule
As you near completion of your sessions, communicate with RecPoker about next steps