It’s no secret that RecPoker is working to improve the lives and skills of serious poker amateurs around the world.

One of our newest ways is providing an avenue for investors to support players looking to reduce their risk while moving up in stakes. It’s hard to imagine a more powerful show of community than helping players chase their dreams!

We have finalized our plans for a $9,000 investment pool, providing 30% staking for $30,000 of buy-ins by a number of RecPoker players between September 30 and November 30, 2021. Mark-up will be 10% to be shared between RecPoker (for administration) and players (for expenses).

Our player pool is set for this go-round, but if you want to be an investor reach out to Steve ASAP after reviewing the file below. Investments must be approved and received by September 28. Contact today!

Earlier this year, in August 2021, we piloted the RecPoker Staking program during the RunGood Series at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (Florida). We started with three of RecPoker’s finest and were excited to have a number of initial investors. Thanks for staking Steve Fredlund, Rob Adsem and Jim Gibson!