Steve Fredlund

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Greetings everybody! I’m Steve Fredlund, founder and host of the RecPoker podcast and part of the core team here at I love the game and the community, and I’m honored you would swing by my page to check it out.

I started playing poker about 2010 when my buddies (Stacey Nelson, Mark Haseth) and I were looking for ways to connect with the 10 teenage kids we had between us. Someone mentioned poker, so we gave it a shot. Within a couple of years I had moved on from the 10 to 13-handed $0.25 poker nights at my house to playing in the bar leagues with the Free Poker Network; that ultimately landed me at Running Aces, the local casino here in Minnesota. I absolutely fell in love with the game; a beautiful combination of logic, psychology, competition, and fun. And the rest is history…

Winning the first ever “The Optimum” tourney at Running Aces in October 2018

My TEDx talk, “Putting the right peeps in your jeep” – basically how. feel about the RecPoker community (which even gets a small shoutout in the video)

I love teaching complex topics and have a long history of doing so, including a ton of speaking & mentoring during my 30 years in corporate analytical roles (actuary, capital markets hedging, workforce analytics, strategic workforce planning). I have done adjunct teaching at two universities ranging from investments, business fundamentals, to organizational architecture. I have dug headlong into the issues of systemic global poverty and been able to cast a clear and compelling vision that has led to more than $2.5 million raised over the past 10 years to help communities in northern Rwanda. Finally, my “real job” is working as a business coach where I focus on guiding small, small businesses from chaos to confidence. I’m also a TEDx speaker, podcaster, consultant, Mastermind facilitator, and aspiring writer.

I’m almost exclusively a tournament player, rarely playing cash. There is something about the feeling of starting with several tables and slowly, but surely, navigating down to that final table in pursuit of being the last person standing. I only played a couple of casino tournaments each year starting in 2012 and booked my first Hendon Mob victory in 2014; an $80 tournament at Running Aces. But it wasn’t until 2016 that I started playing on a fairly regular basis. I notched 4 wins in 2016, 7 in 2017, 7 in 2018, and 15 in 2019. I had one win in 2020 before everything shut down. All tolled, I have 35 wins and more than $106,000 in live tournament earnings as recorded HERE on my Hendon Mob profile.

My time is quite limited with my involvement in RecPoker, building my business coaching, and working on other endeavors to support thought leaders. However, I love teaching and talking poker, so if you want to work together, check out my current offerings and let’s make it happen.

Chipping up during my deep Final Table run at the MSPT Regional