Taylor Maas

If you like what Taylor is doing with RecPoker, meet the rest of the RECing Crew!

Hi, my name is Taylor Maas, and whether you’ve noticed me or not, I’ve been helping out with the RecPoker podcast is some way since its launch. Currently I’m part of the Core team helping out with content creation, an active member on discord, playing in the home games — basically all the fun stuff.

In addition to helping out with the podcast, I’m a full-time actuary, full-time husband, full-time father of twins, and part-time poker player. I have a strong analytical background and love working with numbers, risk, and overall general strategic thinking.

Before fully diving into poker, I used to play video games competitively (Madden mostly) when I was in high school and college. I’ve always been competing in some way my entire life and I have a very strong desire to improve in anything that interests me. This is what drove me to take my poker game seriously, even though I very much consider myself to be a recreational player. I was a break-even play playing low volume until mid-to-late 2018. I then decided I HAVE to start taking this seriously, I wanted to win. 

Should you be interested in working with me, let me start by explaining why I think I can help. I’ve taken the journey from someone who just knows the basics of the game, playing the occasional lowest buy in events at the casinos, home games with friends, or the micro-stakes online. I’ve taken the right steps to improve my game and moved up to mid-stakes online primarily, but when I have time to play live, occasionally play higher buy-in live events. As of writing this (mid-2020) I have an online win-rate of 14 BB/100 hands online (over 100k+ hands) and in 2019 had a >100% ROI in my online and live games (yes, poker is very high variance and this was some positive variance). I also was one of the 8 finalists for a $10k event staking deal through LearnProPoker in May 2020, and the inaugural RecPoker Player of the Year in 2019.

I offer a few ways for one-on-one coaching with me. You can submit hand-histories through online play for my review/feedback, have me review your database of online play/stats, or have 1:1 online coaching through video conferencing.

All of these will be $50/hr and I will be donating 33% of the money made through coaching to the charity of my choice at the end of the year.

I study through two main sources. I watch twitch streams, I think this is the easiest way to think critically about what plays to make in the moment, while having no risk of failure. It’s so easy to tune in, watch the decisions that are made and question where you are making different decisions. I also have been a member of LearnProPoker since 2019 (this is Ryan Laplante’s training website). LPP has great training content for an educated poker player that is looking to improve all aspects of their game. I think it may be tough for an entry level player to grasp all the content on the site, however it is so densely compacted with great content that if you can pick it up, your game is bound to improve.

If you are looking for the best value in improving your poker game, LPP is the best value in my opinion from a training site and watching Twitch is free.

You can contact me on Twitter (@Taylor_Maas), on the Rec.Poker discord (@TaylorMaas), or through email (taylor@rec.poker). Occasionally, I will stream on twitch at twitch.tv/taylormaas