Woody Adams

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Hi, I’m Woody Adams – welcome to my RECing Crew page!

About Woody Adams

I’ve always been competitive, with particular interest in solo sports and games, like wrestling and chess.

I was introduced to poker long after the Moneymaker Effect, and shortly after Black Friday – the infamous day when online poker in the USA was quickly closed for business. I missed the extreme highs and lows of the game’s popularity. In 2012, when I learned to play poker, I was naive. A newcomer to poker, and to gambling itself, I was consumed by the game almost immediately. My good fortune put me together with a group of honest players who wanted to teach me the game in earnest. We played every Friday night in a garden apartment in Long Island City, NY. The buy-in was capped at $40 with unlimited re-buys. Blinds always started at $0.25/0.50 but with straddles and insane blind bets, the game played much bigger.

My journey in the game has led me to countless underground games in NYC, and dozens of casinos across the country. I have played with amateurs and pro’s; I have won and lost. It was through extensive study and many failed attempts that I finally became comfortable with the game. An honest retrospective reveals that I did not have a winning year until 2014, when I moved to California.

I had just completed a 4,000 mile coast-to-coast adventure on my Harley Davidson Sportster when I won my first poker tournament. Completing that journey, I felt that I could conquer the world. So when I went to the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles for the first time, my spirits were high and I was in no mood to fold. I outplayed 64 unwitting opponents that night and left the casino with a first place finish and enough cash to get my feet on the ground in LA. I had luck on my side!

I learned to enjoy the solidarity of the game. Just like in my collegiate wrestling days, I had internalized my drive to succeed in a sport that was measured by individual results. In this game, like in wrestling, there was no teammate to pass the ball to; there were no coaches or timeouts. It was just me with my decisions, my reads, my failures, and my successes. I made it a point to learn from my mistakes so that I could grow in the game.

At some point in my poker journey, I began listening to the RecPoker Podcast. I heard professionals, players who have earned millions in the game, discuss their strategies and mindsets. It struck me one day while listening to Fedor Holz discuss his path to international poker stardom that although the game is played in solidarity, the study of poker was much more team-spirited. Holz had developed a tight network of poker professionals with whom he had intimate discussions of theory and practical application. On the RecPoker Podcast, Holz credited his rapid acceleration in the game to the commitment that he made to help others, as a teammate would.

Growth in the game depends on a player’s ability to honestly disclose their thought patterns, and make adjustments to their play with the guidance and support of a trusted network. For me, RecPoker has become the place where I develop and grow. I feel safe and supported in this community, as it’s foundation is truly “a vibrant and encouraging poker community.” At RecPoker, we aim to help others achieve greater success in their game, through vivid group discussions, private poker coaching, video analysis and more. Our aim is to elevate the team’s level of play, develop unbeatable strategies, and earn more in poker.

My role in RecPoker is about outreach and acquisition. I write strategy articles about the game, and I hold theory discussions with select community members. My objective is to bring a theoretical understanding of the game to more people across more platforms. With a larger, more educated population of poker players, we all benefit. Despite the many genius minds who have written about poker, the game has not been solved. We have opportunity to succeed in an unsolved game and make money en route.

In recent months, I have been playing exclusively multi-table tournaments (MTT’s) on PokerStarsPA. My buy-ins range from $10-100, with primary focus on Progressive Knockout, or Bounty tournaments. It is my hope that you will find passion in the game, as I have, and that you will be able to set poker goals that are within reach with a little help along the way. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for more information about my journey, and how we might work together so that you too can enjoy poker success

RecPoker Offerings from Woody Adams

The MTT Coaching Program:

Multi-Table Tournaments are a fun and exciting way to play poker and earn money. For a small investment, MTT’s give great value to players who can reach the top 10% of the field. Playing live tournaments in casinos, where you might have a field size of 100 players, is a very different experience from playing MTT’s online where there are often 3-4 times that amount. In our coaching sessions, we will narrow in on a few specific aspects of the game that will prepare you to run deep in online MTT’s.

This MTT Coaching program is spread across three 40-minute sessions. Each session builds off of knowledge and concepts developed along the way. Woody Adams has a strategic method of a) evaluating the current poker skill level of each student, b) building their foundation in the game, and c) extending their abilities so that students can make more deep runs in online MTT’s.

With a series of exercises designed to quickly evaluate a player’s knowledge base, the first coaching session with Woody sets the bar for development. Adjustments to strategy, theory, and practical applications occur over the course of three coaching sessions. Woody provides assignments and challenges for each student. Considerate attention is paid to the student’s thought process as they are solving poker problems. By aligning the actions that we take on the felt with our theoretical understanding of the game we can work to earn more than our fair share of tournament chips. Woody can help players earn more money by playing a mindful and more aggressive game.

Woody provides coaching for new players and experienced players alike. His unique approach to coaching encourages an honest look at where previous play has failed. He provides solutions to address underlying problems stemming from faulty decision trees and problematic betting strategies.

Woody’s overarching goal with RecPoker is to bring more players into the field, and to encourage the development of amateurs and professionals. Coaching sessions with Woody Adams will change the way you view your own play. You will develop your understanding of core concepts, you will extend your ability to capitalize on exploitative situations, and you will earn more by playing better poker.

MTT Hand-By-Hand Reviews

Once a player has completed the MTT 3-Course Coaching Program, they have exclusive access to weekly MTT Hand-by-Hand Reviews led by Woody Adams. In each 90 minute MTT Hand-by-Hand Review, the Starting Lineup will engage as a group to discern the intricacies of table dynamics and player profiles. They will also learn how and when to capitalize against key players. To run deep in Multi-Table Tournaments, players must be able to recognize and act on spots, or opportunities, that others miss. 

Team Rocketbox MTT Hand-by-Hand Reviews extends on our 3-Course Coaching Program with deep dives into hand selection, positional advantage, and situational awareness. As a group, Team Rocketbox will look at how we can use various betting lines to achieve different results. Specific types of plays will be discussed at length, including the limp/re-raise, the squeeze play, the complete & close, the stop-n-go, the isolation raise, and the multi-way bluff. When applied correctly, these advanced betting strategies will earn more chips while leaving your opponents confused. Team Rocketbox MTT Hand-by-Hand Reviews help players overcome limitations of ABC poker by providing real world examples of theoretical play. 

To participate in Team Rocketbox MTT Hand-by-Hand Reviews, players must first complete an MTT 3-Course Coaching Program with Woody Adams. The personalized, one-on-one sessions ensure that players have an understanding of core concepts before advanced strategies are introduced. (Begin your 3-Course Coaching Program today!)

Team Rocketbox MTT Hand-by-Hand Reviews occur weekly on Saturdays at 2pm Eastern. An introductory rate of $25 per player will be in effect until August 30, 2020. The rate will go up to $30 per player per session in September. Packages can be purchased at discounts as well, as you can see in the chart above. Contact Woody to schedule your next session at woodyadams@rec.poker or on Twitter @woodyadams and feel free to post something in Woody’s rec.poker Forums anytime!