ClubWPT and RecPoker

Win a $2,500 tournament entry through ClubWPT and RecPoker!

RecPoker and ClubWPT have partnered together to bring you a fantastic tournament hosted on ClubWPT!

The “RecPoker VIP Online Tournament” will be held on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at 3:30pm Central Time – use code RECPOKER to join ClubWPT now!


The winner of the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament will receive a $2,500 USD seat to the WPTDeepStacks Thunder Valley Main Event (anticipated to take place December 4-7, 2021). This is part of a WPTDeepStacks Championship Festival starting November 15. In the event of any event cancellation, a prize of equivalent value will be substituted.

Anyone who uses the code RECPOKER to sign up for a new ClubWPT VIP account prior to the tournament will receive a two week free VIP membership trial and free entry into a $5,000 USD future Guaranteed Tournament on ClubWPT. The final 18 players of the September 25th tournament will also receive ClubWPT swag.

STEP 1: Become a member of ClubWPT

Use code RECPOKER when signing up.

If you are already a member of ClubWPT, that’s great. If not, here is what to do.

Get your VIP or Diamond ClubWPT membership through RecPoker in one of three ways:

  1. Click on THIS LINK – or…
  2. Copy & paste this URL into your browser: – or…
  3. Go to and use the code RECPOKER when signing up

You can even sign up early for a free two week trial to play in the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament on the 25th, and play other tournaments and take advantage of all of the fantastic benefits of continuing as a member of ClubWPT!

STEP 2: Get your Free RecPoker Membership

You need a password to register for the tournament. Click HERE to sign up for your free RecPoker Community Membership. Once you are a member at, log-in and come back to this page to get the password.

STEP 3: Register for the Tournament on ClubWPT

Players must log into their ClubWPT account and will also need a password to access the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament. This password is only available to those who have a free Community Membership at RecPoker (see Step 2).

Follow these steps to find and register for the tournament. Note that the tournament will be visible on ClubWPT 24 hours before it starts with registration open 6 hours prior.

  1. Log into ClubWPT with your username and password (not a member? see Step 1)
  2. Click on the blue “POKER” button
  1. By default, you will be in the VIP tourneys section of our Poker lobby. You can confirm this by seeing “VIP Tourneys” highlighted in red near the upper left hand corner. If not, click on the red “VIP TOURNEYS” button

4. To find the RecPoker tournament, click on “FILTER” near the upper right hand corner, and select “PRIVATE.” The tournament will be here 24 hours before the scheduled start time. You can also find this tournament in the “Main” lobby, where it will be open for registration for 6 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

5. When open for registration, click the “REGISTER” button where you will be prompted for the password. Enter it, then submit. Be sure that you’re logged in and ready to play a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You’ll be brought to your seat automatically right before the game begins.

Want to make sure you don’t miss the tournament? CLICK HERE to visit the calendar event and you can import it into your google calendar with the press of a button!

Matt Savage

WPT Executive Tour Director, streamer and poker media personality Matt Savage will play in the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament as a bounty with ClubWPT swag awarded to whoever knocks him out. Matt will also be on the RecPoker podcast and involved in the RecPoker Twitch stream with Taylor Maas at so you can join along with the fun, even after you bust! And Matt will be playing with a bounty, so whoever takes him out will also win a ClubWPT hoodie!

What if ClubWPT is not eligible in your area?

Go to for a list of ClubWPT prize eligible locations

If you are in an ineligible U.S. state but able to travel, you can play the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament in an eligible state for the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament.

For example, if you live in Minnesota, you can travel to Wisconsin and play the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament with your ClubWPT membership, with Steve and some buddies! Check that out HERE, more details below.

RecPoker Road Trip to Hudson, Wisconsin to Play Online

We have two locations in Hudson, Wisconsin for Minnesotans to play and hang out. We will gather starting at 1:30pm Central but you can show up any time before the 3:30pm CST start. Email for info.


If I live in MN and plan to play elsewhere, do I have to sign up in an eligible state or can I sign up in MN as long as I play elsewhere?

You can get signed for your Free Two Week VIP Trial from anywhere, however the day of the tournament you will need to be in a prize eligible location to be able to participate in the tournament.

How can I tell if I am eligible to play from my home state?

Eligibility to participate for cash and prizes vary based on the State or Territory.  If you are located in an eligible location during the tournament you will be able to participate. Location eligibility is detailed at

If I win, can I sell my seat to another player?

All prize winnings on ClubWPT are non-transferrable.

What if the final few players want to “chop” the prize?

The tournament will be played to its completion on and the prizes will be awarded based on the order of finish of the tournament.  There is no ability through ClubWPT to pause a tournament and chop any of the prizes.

Does it cost anything to join ClubWPT?

All new players are able to join ClubWPT for free with Bonus Code RECPOKER and receive a Free Two Week Trial and free entry into a $5,000 Guaranteed Tournament.  As always with ClubWPT, there is never any purchase necessary.  See ClubWPT for terms and conditions.

Does it cost anything to play in the RecPoker VIP Online Tournament?

All that is needed to enter the RecPoker VIP tournament is an active VIP account and the tournament password.  The tournament will not require Tournament Points or any other buy-in.

What if I register but don’t show up on time?

If players aren’t logged in and seated within the first 20 minutes of the event they will be automatically removed from the event even if they registered early.  Registration will open six hours before the tournament is scheduled to begin.

Does the prize include lodging or travel expenses?

The winner will be responsible for their own transportation, lodging and any other expenses. The winner will have the option for a reduced rate at the RecPoker House as part of the RecPoker Road Trip. For more details about the RecPoker House go to