Many battles have been fought on the felt in pursuit of the elusive REC.POKER pin. While not great in stature or weight, the pin represents victory over a very tough field. Wear your pin like the conquering hero you are! Where else can you get a trophy for winning a free home game, sitting in your sweat pants, in front of your laptop?

We love the RecPoker Community and this is a fun way to celebrate success among ourselves. If you have one or more of these, way to go! Wear it proudly! If not, enjoy the pursuit and we will see you at the tables.

Starting July 1, 2020, those who are Premium Members will get a pin mailed to you for free! Or, you can get yours free if we can ship it with a merchandise order. For those of you who do not place an order and are not a Premium Member, but still want the pin(s) , we are happy to send to you for $10, including the cost of the pin(s) and shipping.

The entire collection! Who will be the first to get them all?

Bronze: The 3/4″ bronze REC.POKER pins are the easiest pin to earn, yet still a coveted prize. Players can only receive one bronze pin within each tournament series, but can still have multiple by winning a tournament in different series. Eligible series have included: 2019 NLHE, 2020 NLHE, 2020 Mixed Game, and 2020 NLHE SDS (Social Distancing Series). As of June 12, 2020, a total of 61 bronze pins have been earned.

Silver: Only two coveted 1″ silver pins have been earned as of June 12, 2020. Roger Schutte (Maine) and Gaurav Aurora (Chicago) have each won a monthly Tournament of Champions that started in May of 2020. Winners of a NLHE home game in the month are invited to battle it out in the winner-take-all tournament for the silver pin.

Gold: We are finalizing plans for how to award these rare 1.5″ gold pins.

Logo: We are finalizing plans for how to award these 1″ square logo pins, but expect it to be based more on contribution to the RecPoker Community than performance in home games.