RECing Crew

Go All In!

The RECing Crew is your platform to shine! Share your victories and promote what you have to offer the poker world!

Members of the RECing Crew pay a little more each month for all the infrastructure we set up for you, but we’ve built-in a few ways for you to really stand out in the poker world – and for some, to even make some money along the way!

ALL ARE WELCOME to be part of the RECing Crew as long as you stay true to our vision as a vibrant & encouraging poker learning community. Maybe you want to be a bigger part of RecPoker Nation, or maybe you want to promote yourself as a free resource to the poker community, or maybe you even want to offer coaching services and learning aids right here through the shop, we’re here to make it easier! Let’s share with the rest of the poker world what YOU can bring to the table!

Benefits of the RECing Crew

  • Price: $55/month and includes Community Membership and Premium Membership ($22/month value)
  • Your own RecPoker website page ( to share with the world! You control the content and can include anything you want such as a blog, customized posts on RecPoker discussion boards, training offerings or links to things like videos, Twitch, HendonMob, Sharkscope, Patreon, Social Media, and anything else you want!
  • Your own RecPoker email:
  • Your own forum and sub-forums
  • Your own YouTube playlist on the RecPoker channel
  • Your own Discord Channel on the RecPoker server
  • You can list your favorite charitable cause on our Support Page
  • Join the podcast as a live panelist
  • Access to the FULL archive of Learning with Partners videos – going back to 2019!
  • Ability to participate in RecPoker Live events in your area for a share of the revenue from those events
  • Occasional promotion of you and your page from RecPoker including podcast mentions, Twitch stream raids, etc.
  • Sales, feedback and guidance, promotion, payment processing and lots of other infrastructure support for any of your own projects or products that you’d like to share with the poker world!

Meet the RECing Crew

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