Twitch Streaming

Join Taylor Maas and others on the live stream.

Twitch is a video-streaming platform that allows RecPoker players and fans a fun way to interact and socialize while we play our favorite game.

The RecPoker Twitch account is run by Taylor Maas. You can catch him streaming the home games on Wednesday nights and especially during the player of the year series which take place on the first and second Wednesday of the month.

Want to support the twitch channel? Go to the twitch channel and click the follow button. It’s free to do so, and it helps Twitch know that you enjoy what we do at RecPoker. Or you can subscribe to the channel. If you have Amazon Prime, you are eligible for one free subscription a month to any Twitch Channel. Otherwise, a regular subscription costs around $5.

Check out regular streams each Wednesday!

We do giveaways on the Twitch channel too! If you tune in during the first 20 minutes of the home game, you can enter your guess for what place Taylor will finish in the tournament tonight. If correct, you can win a prize! If you are a subscriber of the channel, we do a giveaway on the last Wednesday of the month to give away a free month of RecPoker Premium to one lucky subscriber.

There are also a few other RecPoker members that stream, go give their channel a follow to be notified whenever they go live: