There are abundant resources here at RecPoker and we have categorized them as well as we can in the drop down menus. Here is a quick summary with the links to further help with navigation:

  • Learning Partners: RecPoker has partnered with a number of world-class content providers. You can look here to see summaries of those partners and find out more about how you can sign up to be part of them. In several instances, there is a discount or bonus by signing up through RecPoker.
  • Other Paid Training: Several members of the RECing crew offer Private Coaching; you can get details in the Shop or by clicking HERE. Further, RecPoker can help you improve your game through video analysis; in fact, it is one of our favorite things to do. Have your favorite RecPoker people gather to watch your video and provide insights through their discussion.
  • Other Resources (ACR, PokerTracker, Hold’em Manager): We continue to form relationships inside and outside the poker world and are committed to passing any benefits along to you. Here you will find poker-related resources other than the learning partners as information about our non-poker partnerships.
  • Free Videos: Use this to quickly access the RecPoker content that is available publicly. This includes our podcasts as well as a number of other videos that highlight our poker learning community.
  • Meet the RECing Crew: These members of the RecPoker Community are working hard to take their game to the next level and want to share their insights broadly. In some cases, they are using the membership to increase their online poker profile because they have their own personalized URL; in other cases they are selling coaching or video analysis or other services to help you improve your game.