At RecPoker, we believe that we’re better together—and we approach learning in the same way. There are other sites out there—including some of our fantastic learning partner affiliates—that provide insights and expertise from knowledgeable pros. Many of us are members of these sites, and we don’t intend to compete with them. Instead, we think we can build on and complement these amazing resources by providing personalized insights, perspectives, and support by Rec players for Rec players. Our learning resources are broken down below.

Each week, RecPoker produces two podcast episodes. Chats (now live on YouTube) feature a conversation with someone in the poker world as well as community updates. Forums digs into strategy questions from our community.

The RecPoker Deep Dive is designed to take on one strategy topic each month as a community. We’ll host play-and-learn sessions, produce strategy videos, and bring you Q&As with some of the best in the game.

RecPoker hosts almost a dozen different study groups—from book studies to hand histories, you’ll find the right group to meet you where you’re at and support you as grow with other players who love the game (you must be logged in to see these).

RecPoker has a number of relationships with major training sites. In addition to discounted links with our partners, our premium members get access to short content segments to get a better idea if they want to join. We call this Learning with Partners.

Your RecPoker membership not only gives you access to the latest learning materials, but you can find premium and free content on a huge variety of topics. Check it all out here.

RecPoker Study Groups

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  • Group logo of Deep Dives

    Deep Dives

    Public Learning

    Active 2 days ago

    Each month, the RecPoker community will tackle a strategy topic. We'll play some simulated hands and provide recorded feedback from our RECing Crew as well as a poker pro. We'll also host follow up conversations and Q&As with Gareth James and other RecPoker luminaries. Premium Members can participate live by signing up below. Next Playing Session Past Videos
  • Group logo of PetVet’s Hand History Review

    PetVet’s Hand History Review

    Public Learning

    Active 2 weeks ago

    One of the best methods to improve your poker game is hand history reviews. Join Kim Kilroy in a monthly group discussion to analyze hands submitted by group members. Game strategy from opening ranges, bet sizing at various stack sizes and stages of the tournament, three-betting, betting patterns, ranging opponents, bluffs, bluff catching and many other strategies will be discussed and broken down in these hand history reviews. This group is for premium members and we will meet at 6:30 pm CT on the fourth Tuesday of every month, just click “join group” on the right to get involved and soon you'll be able to watch videos of previous sessions! Next SessionPrevious SessionsDownload PT4
  • Group logo of Solvers Only

    Solvers Only

    Public Learning

    Active 3 weeks ago

    A group specifically for people working with solvers like Pio or GTO+ to share tips and tricks to get the most out of their tools
  • Group logo of PEAL (Play Explain and Learn)

    PEAL (Play Explain and Learn)

    Public Learning

    Active 4 weeks ago

    We are transitioning to Fun Country as the platform for our playing sessions. Your patience is appreciated as we optimize the experience. Welcome to PEAL! With hole cards exposed to viewers, each member plays and explains their action verbally in real time as they navigate a deep-stacked cash game scenario on Fun.Country - but while the players can see each other, only the viewers can hear them and know their hole cards! Go to the discussion threads below to play in the next session, and to watch videos of past sessions and see what players like you are thinking about over various decision points.
  • Group logo of Book Study

    Book Study

    Public Learning

    Active 5 weeks ago

    Every two weeks Rob Washam hosts a Zoom-based group discussion as RecPoker Nation explores great poker books together, chapter by chapter, followed by a Q&A with the author at the end of the series! Next SessionPrevious Sessions
  • Group logo of Monkie’s Off-Table Tools

    Monkie’s Off-Table Tools

    Public Learning

    Active 6 weeks ago

    Off-table study is a must to improve our game. Join Keith Brandt in a monthly group discussion on off-table tools we can use for our study. In this group we will look at off-table tools such as Advanced Poker Training (APT) and Range Trainer Pro. In the sessions where we use APT, the participants will put their heads together and play some hands against APT's bots on various difficulty levels and game settings. We will use other off-table tools to study hand histories or perform practice sessions. You don't need to subscribe to APT or Range Trainer Pro to participate in our group meetings. But if you do, be sure to use discount code MONKIE. Next SessionPrevious Sessions
  • Group logo of Non-Solver Software and Online Tools

    Non-Solver Software and Online Tools

    Public Learning

    Active 7 weeks ago

    A group for folks to talk about PokerTracker4, Equilab, Flopzilla, Sharkscope, and other tools and resources to help with your online play. Premium members can also join Jim's PokerTracker Review Group every month for free!
  • Group logo of Jim’s PokerTracker Review Group

    Jim’s PokerTracker Review Group

    Public Learning

    Active 2 months ago

    Each month, Jim Reid leads a group coaching session using PokerTracker 4 to review member data. This group and forum (available only to Premium Members) is the place to share and discuss anything to do with PokerTracker 4. Note: You don’t need to own PokerTracker to participate. Next SessionPrevious SessionsDownload PT4
  • Group logo of Learn Pro Poker Study Group

    Learn Pro Poker Study Group

    Public Learning

    Active 2 months ago

    On the first day of every month, we release a premium 1-hour training video from Ryan Laplante and Learn Pro Poker. Discuss this month's video in the forum below or join Jim Reid for the monthly study group about this content. Bonus: Click 'Join LPP' for a $5/mo discount to Learn Pro Poker! Next SessionPrevious SessionsJoin LPP

Viewing 1 - 9 of 9 groups