From the very beginning, RecPoker strived to build community. We know how hard it can be to find a group of people to take the game (but not themselves) seriously. In big poker tournaments, the people cheering you on are called your rail—and RecPoker is the perfect home to help you find your own rail!

RecPoker has been called the toughest play money game on earth. Are you tired of play money games where no one takes the game seriously? This is different. Jump in, challenge yourself, and meet some of the regulars. New games every day!

The lifeblood of RecPoker is our community. Our website Forums allow for deep discussion around poker questions and community, our community groups build conversation and connection, while our Discord channel bring real-time connection around successes and challenges.

Each week, RecPoker hosts dozens of online events, including our weekly Twitch stream. Each of these helps build community and connection. RecPoker is also active in live events, building regular Roadtrip gatherings. If you’re looking to find a community in poker, this is the place to start!

RecPoker Community Groups

(Some of these groups are reserved for RecPoker Premium Members.)

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  • Group logo of ORaH (Online REVIEW and Hang)
    We invite all the finalists from the Tournament of Champions Final Table to join our premium members on the panel as we review every hand street-by-street and celebrate each other’s plays and victories! Want to join in on the discussion? Use the forum below or click 'Final Table Videos' to watch the raw video that will be analyzes in the next session. Next SessionPrevious SessionsFinal Table Videos
  • Group logo of Poker Empowerment

    Poker Empowerment

    Public Community

    This group is for all members (both female and male) with an interest in empowering women to participate in live poker events. The group will focus on studying and playing in live events and will include discussion of issues faced by women in the live arena.  The mission is to inspire and give women the confidence to play live and to bring more women into poker.  Hosted by Kim Kilroy with guest speakers from time to time.  Free for all members, just click “join group” on the right to get involved, and you'll soon be able to watch videos of previous sessions too! Next SessionPrevious Sessions
  • Group logo of Poker Travel Adventures

    Poker Travel Adventures

    Public Community

    This group is for members interested in travelling to play poker.  Membership is free to those interested in all aspects of poker travel: from organizing travel groups, posting information about poker events around the world, and generally planning poker travels with members of the group including travel buddies and shared accommodations and even the possibility of swapping investments with players playing in the various events. In other words, a no limit discussion of possible poker adventures!  Hosted by Kim Kilroy.  Just click “join group” on the right to become involved!
  • Group logo of RecPoker Dreamers (for Streamers!)
    Calling all streamers and poker streaming fans! Support one another and talk tips, schedules, and more.

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 groups