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  • We have JJ, Villian Donks on Low Coordinated Flop

    Posted by monkiesystem on January 15, 2024 at 10:19 pm

    This is a $300 weekly tournament in Chicago. Blinds are at 500/1K/1K. We have about 50K and villain has us covered. Villian is an aggressive reg, but not a maniac.

    In the CO we open to 2,200, with JdJc and villain in the BB calls. Heads up to the flop.

    Flop (5,900) 6s5s3h. BB donks 3,400. We call.

    Turn (12,700) 6s5s3h – 8d. BB bet 8,000. We call.

    River (28,700) 6s5s3h8d – Ad. Ck ck.

    BB shows 6c5c. We muck.

    In my experience these donk bets on these low flops are protecting something, including a low 2-pair that can be counterfeited. But they also might be protecting a top pair 6. It can also be a draw. Any overpair to this flop would likely 3-bet preflop. On this low, connected flop the solver donks 36% of the time, but only one-third of the pot.

    The solver makes a strong distinction in our flop and turn stategy depending upon whether we block flush draws or backdoor flush draws. If we have spade blockers we usually raise the flop donk bet. With no blockers we call.

    If we called the flop donk bet then on this turn the solver says we raise if our jacks contain spade and heart blockers, otherwise we call.

    The solver says we are always checking back the river with any JJ. If villian had jammed river we are always folding.

    The moral of this story is:

    1. We’re never folding an overpair when BB takes this line.

    2. Blockers can make a significant difference in our strategy defending against this line.

    Would you have played this hand differently?

    What if villian is a tight, passive old man coffee sort?

    What if villian is a maniac?

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