Jim Reid

Jim Reid offers coaching, HUDs, software support, and other opportunities for improvement: everything Jim does at RecPoker includes the option of a one-on-one session, where you can count on encouragement along with honest analysis.  Learn more about Jim on his RECing Crew page!  Not sure what to even begin working on? A Video or Database Review is a great way to get started. Take a look at this sample Database Review video! New to PT4 or HUDs? Check out this walkthrough session with another player getting used to their new software, or this Public Discussion about some tips and tricks to playing online.

“As a recreational player, I was looking for ways to become a better online poker player. Jim did an outstanding job listening to my challenges and putting together a personal program tailored for my own style of play – I was able to receive the personal attention I needed to learn how to utilize a Heads-Up Display (HUD) while playing online – and in my next tournament, I WON! I can’t say enough about how this small investment helped me advance my game.” – Danny S.

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