Nightly Series – August 9, 2020

Obner (Jack Burke) battled zgrt1110 (Raoul Biteng) heads up prior to defeating a field of 50 players to earn his second Nightly Series title.

Kekgeek (Jacob K.), roadstar33 (Randy Smith), Will Hogan (Loren Gullekson), LLtahoe (Unknown), MonkieSystem (Keith Brandt), djvoyeur (Mark Wittig), and orangeroad81 (Josh Schwartz) rounded out the final table.


PokerStars Tournament #2978769096, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: 17000/3000
50 players
Total Prize Pool: 850000
Tournament started 2020/08/09 21:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2020/08/10 1:48:07 ET
1: Obner (United States), 276,250 (32.5%)
2: zgrt1110 (United States), 178,500 (21%)
3: Kekgeek (United States), 127,500 (15%)
4: roadstar33 (United States), 85,000 (10%)
5: Will Hogan (United States), 63,750 (7.5%)
6: LLtahoe (United States), 46,750 (5.5%)
7: MonkieSystem (United States), 38,250 (4.5%)
8: djvoyeur (United States), 34,000 (4%)
9: orangeroad81 (United States),
10: MNted (United States),
11: Gloves1010 (United States),
12: Wolfman109 (United States),
13: money mortis (United States),
14: Magra44 (United States),
15: kellis196220 (United States),
16: Frogman-Rick (United States),
17: MrDzzz18 (United States),
18: Illychippies (United States),
19: JBach71 (United States),
20: milojunk (United States),
21: mbabker (United States),
22: nowthenkb (United States),
23: combinkley (United States),
24: rekopgib (United States),
25: anciano1941 (United States),
26: PokerGeekMN (United States),
27: flyingbricks (United States),
28: nehianh (United States),
29: Karl0621 (United States),
30: Oreomilk4444 (United States),
31: GopherBoyTJM (United States),
32: JasperJr (United States),
33: Shoresy00 (United States),
34: elvis76 (United States),
35: Shamu*27140 (United States),
36: HattrickUSA2020 (United States),
37: XxANGRYFISHxX (United States),
38: graphex16 (United States),
39: JBTwinCities (United States),
40: John_Lancer (United States),
41: RickTheGoodDog (United States),
42: UnclTomsCabn (United States),
43: wojami (United States),
44: PatchPerson (United States),
45: pcs2005 (United States),
46: Witchystuff (Canada),
47: Lickorish Guy (United States),
48: hawesy8 (United States),
49: RecPokerSteve (United States),
50: ChattyKat222 (United States),

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Nightly Series – July 21, 2020

money mortis (Frank Piskolich) battled RecPokerSteve (Steve Fredlund) heads up prior to defeating a field of 64 players to earn his first Nightly Series title. MNted (Philip Feuhrer), XxANGRYFISHxX (Unknown), rekopgib (Unknown), Obner (Jack Burke), Frogman-Rick (Rick Day), Grumpyrob (Unknown), and graphex16 (Roger Schutte) rounded out the final table.

NLHE Series – August 5, 2020

MNted (Philip Feuhrer) battled Grumpyrob (Unknown) heads up prior to defeating a record-tying field of 72 players to earn his first NLHE Series title. Phil was one of the podcast host to the CPL Poker Podcast.
FiveByFive555 (Chris Jones) has taken over the top spot in the POY points race. GopherBoyTJM (Taylor Maas) has moved up to sixth place and johnjohn38 (Unknown) has moved up to eighth place.