RecPoker’s “ReidLite” HUD


Prioritizing clean, uncluttered screen space – without sacrificing valuable data – the RecPoker “ReidLite” Heads-Up-Display (HUD) can be purchased here on its own. (It also comes FREE for anyone who purchases PokerTracker4 with our referral link or for anyone who purchases either of Jim Reid’s 3-month coaching packages: Email Coaching or Personal Coaching.  )

Pre-loaded with all the most important Player Stats, Common Table Stats, positional pop-ups (second image), and customizable colour ranges, this HUD will allow you to identify exploitable flaws in the play of your opponents – and of your own. See notes below for more details about how this is really FOUR HUDs in one!

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The RecPoker “ReidLite” Heads-Up-Display is created from the basic building blocks of PokerTracker, so it works for free with PT4 and features pre-loaded customizable colour ranges for all the most important stats right at a glance – plus pop-up details (second image) for when you want to drill down deeper by position to really learn how to exploit your foes! This smaller HUD doesn’t take up your whole screen, so its efficient design allows you to focus on the most important stats: VIPIP, PFR, 3BET, cold call IP, fold to steal, limp/fold, RFI, ATS, fold to 3BET, CBET flop, fold to CBET, AFq, and WTSD – along with powerful Common Table Stats that track not only YOUR stack size but also the table average stack, and the table average for VPIP/PFR/3BET to make it easier for you to tell – at a glance – exactly what kind of situation you are about to get into.

This “ReidLite” HUD can be purchased here alone, but it comes FREE for anyone who purchases PokerTracker4 with our referral link, or with either of Jim’s 3-month coaching packages: Email Coaching or Personal Coaching.  Either way, along with your new HUD you’ll also receive a few video clips to help you set it up in PokerTracker, and to get the most out of it out there on the tables!  Your files will be available at a download link upon purchase: you then have 7 days to use that link up to 3 times. This HUD comes in BOTH tournament and cashplay versions, with a special “winrate” stat available only for the cashplay version! The default version for each uses up to five different colour ranges for each stat but some sites like Pokerstars only allow 3 colours, so you will ALSO get a special “3C” version of EACH that uses only red, white, and green colours for simplified ranges – that’s FOUR HUDs in one!


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