Ep 249 – Maria Ho

Poker legend Maria Ho joins RecPoker to talk about her worlds of playing poker, commentating poker, and doing reality TV. Maria shares a bit about growing up in a conservative Chinese family and how that impacted college and how she approached getting into poker.

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  1. I just finished listening to the podcast. Always great to listen to Maria Ho!!! During the shout outs to the winners of the nightly bond game you talked about one of my best friends, “dandresg” Daniel Andres. He moved to my neighborhood in 2009 and sought me out immediately because he heard I ran the neighborhood monthly poker game. He pretty new to the game but we quickly became great friends. I’ve taught him everything I know and he has won the nightly series 4 times now which 4 times more than I’ve won it!!! About the “g” at the end of his pokerstars name, that stands for Gomez which is his wife last night. They are from Argentina and have lived in several different countries. Recently he relocated to Indianapolis and I miss him them in the neighborhood!! He continues to play in the pokerstars home game I’ve been running (every two weeks) until I feel it’s safe enough to go live. But he’s done so well in the nightly series I have to believe I’m a better coach than player. We’re doing our weekly poker talk tonight and we’ll join the home game after. Take care!!

    1. Thanks so much… was really fun. Love learning about the different names… heads up @PokerGeekMN @Jim @yamel – Dan Andres G – now we get it! I love hearing the back story and maybe you taught him too well! Love that you guys have a weekly poker talk; that is so awesome. Thanks for building the community and expanding our knowledge of the people that are in it!